The History Of Pulaski Hall

Casimir Pulaski was a Polish military leader who became a hero in the American Revolutionary War. Pulaski was born on March 6, 1745 in Warsaw, Poland. Pulaski started his military career in 1762 and soon became involved with the Bar Confederation, a movement to curtail Russian control over the Commonwealth. By 1772 the Bar Confederation had been defeated but Pulaski was seen as one of its most accomplished military leaders. Pulaski sought refuge in France where he was he was recruited by the Lafayette and Benjamin Franklin. Franklin recommended that General George Washington accept Pulaski as a volunteer for the war effort saying Pulaski "was renowned throughout Europe for the courage and bravery he displayed in defense of his country's freedom."

Pulaski fought with Washington and saved his life in the Battle Of Brandywine. This engagement earned him fame in America. On Washington's recommendation Congress confirmed Pulaski's appointment to the rank of Brigadier General and authorized the formation of a new calvary corps. As head of which became known as the Pulaski Cavalry Legion, Pulaski became known as the "father of the American cavalry". During a cavalry charge at siege of Savannah Georgia Pulaski was mortally wounded. His heroic death further boosted his reputation in America. In terms of places, events... and clubs, named in his honor, Pulaski is one of the most honored persons in American history,

Casimir Pulaski

Chicopee's Pulaski Hall was first organized as a club in 1925. The original 17 members formed a corporation named The Polish American Citizens of Willimansett. In order to have a meeting hall of their own, members sold shares at $10 a piece to any person of Polish extraction or to any other Polish organization.

original Pulaski Hall in 1940 before expansion

In 1932 a small building was constructed on Norman Street and was named the Pulaski Hall. The club began to grow rapidly, from those original 17 members and to accommodate the larger membership a new addition was added in 1941 which include a large banquet hall.



Today Pulaski Hall still heralds back to its Polish heritage but is open to all. The Hall features a restaurant with the finest Polish food in western Mass, three halls to accommodate a range of events from intimate gatherings such as funerals to the Grand Hall for weddings and other celebrations. There is a full service bar with a pool table and plenty of parking. How can we serve you?